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Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide (Urban Affairs Coalition)

Urban Partners is pleased to highlight the great work being undertaken by our friends at the Urban Affairs Coalition. Here's the announcement regarding their latest Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide that is now available to the public:

"UAC’s Community & Economic Development (CED) team is pleased to announce the latest 2019 edition of the Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide. In 2007, community leaders and bankers started to see troubling conditions arising from subprime mortgages. In response, CED formed a Foreclosure Prevention Task Force that led to a set of 14 recommendations to guide the City’s response to the emerging crisis. One of these recommendations was to create a guide to help professionals and homeowners understand and prevent housing foreclosure. Thanks to a generous grant from Santander Bank, CED was able to print 2,000 copies and a full PDF version can be found online for free at-home print at

The full PDF version can be found at"

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