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Mt. Airy Receives $1 Million Grant to Implement Mt. Airy 2025

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Congratulations to Mt. Airy, USA (MAUSA), East Mt. Airy Neighbors (EMAN), West Mt. Airy Neighbors (WMAN), and all of their community partners! It was announced on September 13, 2017 that Wells Fargo Regional Foundation is providing the community $1 million to implement the Mt. Airy 2025 action strategies.

Mt. Airy 2025 is a ten-year vision for the future of the neighborhood that specifies detailed plan of action for the first five years. Urban Partners served as the prime consultant on this project, along with our friends at NV5, Jeremiah White and Associates, and Baker & Company. (see project sheet)

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