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$500K Grant from Wells Fargo to Help Revitalization Efforts in Coatesville

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

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In Spring of 2018, the Coatesville Growing Greater Initiative, in partnership with Chester County Economic Development Foundation (CCEDF), was awarded $500,000 in implementation funding from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. The initiative will focus on five revitalization topics: Resident Engagement, Jobs/Economic Opportunity, Youth Empowerment, and Community Safety.

As part of a coordinated effort to stimulate investment into Coatesville—and to ensure that these investments are carried out in an equitable and balanced fashion resulting in the benefit of both new and existing residents—the CCEDF and the Coatesville Area Partners for Progress (CAPP) retained Urban Partners to complete a neighborhood revitalization strategy in 2017. Leading a team of seasoned community development experts, Urban Partners managed a challenging planning process that included a comprehensive physical conditions analysis for all properties in the study area and the engagement over 500 residents in a variety of ways.

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