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Borough of Pen Argyl Revitalization Plan

Updated: May 14, 2020

The Borough of Pen Argyl retained a multi-disciplinary professional consulting team led by our colleagues at Simone Collins to undertake the planning of the Borough’s revitalization efforts in order to create new opportunities, renewed community vitality, and visibility for Pen Argyl. The Borough of Pen Argyl is part of the Slate Belt Rising project, a new, first-of-its kind initiative that brings together four boroughs of Pennsylvania's Slate Belt to increase economic opportunity in the region, reduce poverty, eliminate blight, and improve the overall quality of life. The Slate Belt Rising program coordinates four of the region’s boroughs - Pen Argyl, Wind Gap, Bangor, and Portland - in an effort to create a unified approach to revitalization and redevelopment. It is hoped that the Slate Belt Rising program will serve as a model, with more municipalities joining in the future.

As part of this revitalization effort, Urban Partners conducted a real estate market assessment evaluating residential, retail, hotel, commercial, and entertainment opportunities for Pen Argyl. This analysis identifies the range of feasible uses that could potentially support a more active mixed-use environment in the downtown area while strengthening the Borough’s overall economy.

For additional information, please contact Chris Lankenau.

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