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Valparaiso, IN 

The City of Valparaiso is located in Northwest Indiana, just one hour southeast of Chicago at the eastern edge of the metro area and approximately 15 miles south of Lake Michigan. Serving as the county seat of Porter County, Valparaiso is experiencing moderate and consistent growth particularly in the form of new residential subdivisions and infill housing developments. Valparaiso has a thriving and active downtown which is often noted as one of the community’s greatest assets.

In 2020, the City retained Urban Partners to conduct a comprehensive residential market analysis. In addition to analyzing the supply-and-demand dynamics of Valparaiso’s housing market, Urban Partners assisted the city formulate policies to address housing diversity, affordability, future land use, and improvements to overall quality of life for all residents of Valparaiso.

The final report was presented in a format easily understandable to the general public, including an ESRI StoryMap presentation to illustrate the key findings and proposed action strategies. 

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Client: City of Valparaiso, IN
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