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St. Cloud, FL 

Strategically located in a rapidly growing county―and endowed with comparatively low cost vacant and developable land―the City of St. Cloud has grown exponentially in the past several decades. From 2000 to 2018, St. Cloud has added 33,000 new residents which is equivalent to a staggering 165% growth during that period.


Thus far, St. Cloud has grown as a bedroom community where most of its employed residents work elsewhere. Though this is not an atypical narrative for smaller cities, the residents of St. Cloud aspire for a livable, vibrant live-work-play community. The seminal questions for the Housing Study were:

  • What are the housing needs for the city for the next 20 years based on projected and desired growth?

  • What types of homes are needed (e.g., tenure, size, density, targeted age and household income, etc.)?

  • How can these market opportunities be optimally matched up to the desired character of various neighborhoods?

The results of this study, which was completed in the Summer of 2019, provided the City of St. Cloud a meaningful sense of the housing market to formulate housing priorities and growth management strategies. The study will also serve as the housing element of the comprehensive plan.

Client: City of St. Cloud, FL
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