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Philadelphia, PA

The South Street Headhouse District encompasses one of the largest and oldest commercial corridors in Philadelphia. The district extends from Front Street to 11th Street and including portions of adjacent blocks of cross streets, including Philadelphia’s Fabric Row. Urban Partners was recently retained to conduct a market study of the area to: identify and evaluate key retail niches present along the corridor: determine the trade area from which each of these retailing types attracts customers: examine the shopping preferences of the clientele currently attracted to South Street area; and develop reinvestment strategies that strengthen and diversify the retail services available to both neighborhood residents and those drawn to South Street from the larger region. Our work involved a significant
number of retailer interviews as well as detailed customer intercept surveys.

Based on our analysis, Urban Partners identified a variety of strategies for expanding retail activity in the South Street
Headhouse District. Potential strategies include:

  • expanding the capture of sales from near South Street neighborhoods;

  • diversifying the sales drawn from more distant locations

  • to South Street;

  • adding new anchor draws to South Street; and

  • finetuning the apparel focus of the district to expand the age mix of customers served.

Client: South Street Headhouse District
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