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Philadelphia, PA

The Schuylkill Project is a newly-formed partnership of the East Falls and Manayunk Community Development Corporations working on behalf of both communities to revitalize their Schuylkill River waterfronts. The
organization retained Urban Partners to prepare the Schuylkill Waterfront Area Operations and Management Plan to examine physical and programmatic improvements that will create a more sustainable waterfront environment.
The plan identified the key operational requirements for
the trail and riverfront areas as maintenance, programming,
and coordination/management. As part of this exercise, Urban Partners determined the necessary maintenance tasks and frequencies to improve park operations and upkeep, including mowing, trash collection, and landscaping. We also identified new riverfront programming and enhancements to existing programs to help fund park operations. This included a public swimming area, non-motorized boat/kayak rentals, non-motorized boat lessons, fishing, educational programs, performing arts camps, theater/music programs, and dance programs.


Recommended events include boat races, bike races, running races, festivals, and outdoor movies. Urban Partners also explored the creation of an appropriate coordinating entity or management structure to help move riverfront and
related capital projects forward and help generate additional operational funding for the park area. This included such potential scenarios as a new entity, new capacities for existing entities, and partnerships with City agencies.

Upon determining potential costs for the operational requirements, we identified a range of funding options for sustainably operating the riverfront area, including enhanced public funding, funding by those who use the facilities, business and property owners, and sponsors. Finally, we
prepared a series of step-by-step implementation recommendations for the next several years.

Schuylkill River Waterfront Area Operations and Management Plan

Client: The Schuylkill Project
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