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Newark, DE 

Over the recent years, the University of Delaware has experienced significant growth in off-campus student population, and the City has experienced related community impacts associated with this growth. In a city of 32,000 residents and roughly 14,500 rental households, an estimated 10,700 of the renters are UD students living off campus.


Urban Partners was retained by the City of Newark to conduct a detailed analysis of the supply and demand of rental housing, including the review of historical and current data, and projections based on city and University of Delaware population growth, zoning designations, and economic development for the next twenty-five years. Additionally, our analysis included:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of rental housing needs in Newark, including recommendations by housing type, size and location.

  • An assessment of the current homeowner assistance programs, single family occupancy and maintenance controls, and strategies as a tool to balance the impacts associated with off campus student rental housing growth.

Client: City of Newark, DE
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