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Newtown Square, PA

The Garrett Williamson Foundation (GWF) was founded in 1910 when Elizabeth Garrett left her Newtown Square farm property to provide for the support and maintenance of poor children and deserving single women. GWF continues to operate at this 240-acre site, providing year-round child care and summer camp programs to children from lower-income families and single mother homes, leasing space to a school for children with special needs and hosting 4-H activities
and other special events. GWF retained a multi-disciplinary planning team to prepare a site master plan for its Newtown Square property with the intent of identifying opportunities to solidify its financial stability and supplement income to fund its core programs.

Urban Partners evaluated the local market conditions for a variety of potential uses for the property that would complement existing activities on site. These included the expansion of the existing  child care program, the expansion of the existing day camp, a new YMCA facility, an indoor athletic facility, independent senior living, banquet facilities,
and horse riding/boarding facilities. Our assessment identifies the foundation’s potential for new and expanded opportunities that can serve both its existing clientele as well as additional members of the community. As a result of our analysis, GWF is considering expanding its child care facility and pursuing potential partnerships for an athletic facility. 

Additionally, we have assisted the foundation in negotiations with a local caterer interested in using the historic barn facility as a venue for weddings and other farm-to-table oriented events.

Client: Garrett Williamson Foundation
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