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Fishers, IN 

The City of Fishers—a rapidly growing suburb of Indianapolis, IN—is consistently named as one of the best communities to live in the U.S. by many publications. In the last 30 years, Fishers has transformed from an exurban community of 8,000 residents to a robust city of nearly 100,000 residents. Population forecasts predict that Fishers will continue to grow in the next two decades, adding another 30,000 resident by year 2040.

As the city matures and open development parcels are all spoken for, the City of Fishers is engaging in planning efforts to ensure the residential market will continue to provide high-quality housing options for residents at different socio-economic backgrounds for the foreseeable future. In 2021, the City of Fishers retained Urban Partners to complete a comprehensive analysis of the housing market in Fishers and facilitate a series of Focus Group meetings to recommend housing strategies.

Working with MKSK, Urban Partners also completed a fiscal impact analysis for alternative development schemes at one of the few large remaining developable parcels in the city. The analysis demonstrated tax revenue and municipal expense impacts from different development patterns at this site.

Fishers Apartment.jpeg
Client: City of Fishers, IN
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