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Pittsburgh, PA

The East End of Pittsburgh is a diverse group of communities
that share a common spine – Penn Avenue. Over the years, each community has made strides in improving neighborhood conditions and quality of life through various planning and economic development initiatives. Traditionally, these efforts have occurred rather independently. However, as funding has become limited for neighborhood-level planning projects, six neighborhood organizations along the corridor have recognized the need to coordinate and make more efficient their activities and functions and have recently joined forces to create the East End Partnership (EEP).

Urban Partners was retained by the East End Partnership to
create the East End Market-Based Development Strategy. This effort seeks to articulate existing challenges and identify economic development opportunities - ‘catalytic’ projects -- that can significantly transform the East End in a strategic fashion. The strategy: 

  • Provides a complete analysis of existing conditions;

  • including the East End residential and commercial markets

  • Identifies key nodes of development activity; 

  • Identifies specific sites for potential redevelopment; 

  • Prioritizes potential projects;

  • Identifies potential funding sources, and

  • Produces clear and concise materials outlining recommendations. 

The strategy will result in a comprehensive market-driven plan to empower the East End Partnership entities to begin implementation of key community objectives.

Client: East Liberty Development Corporation, Inc.
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