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Brookhaven, GA

Incorporated in 2012, the City of Brookhaven is one of the newest municipalities within Georgia, which lies immediately outside the City of Atlanta in DeKalb County. The Buford Highway Corridor is near the southern boundary of the City and includes a wide variety of commercial, office, retail, and residential uses. Populations within the area represent multiple ethnicities and nationalities, providing a testament to the growing diversity of Atlanta area inhabitants.

Urban Partners served on a consultant team retained by the City of Brookhaven to study sustainable redevelopment opportunities on and near Buford Highway—along with an attractive, safe, and trafficable environment. Our work in completing the Buford Highway Improvement Plan and Economic Development Strategy involved the completion of a full market analysis of the study area, which included the assessment of retail, residential, commercial office, and hotel development potential.

The Strategy served as the action plan with which the City of

Brookhaven and the various community stakeholders worked

toward stimulating the area to its full potential and long range


Client: City of Brookhaven
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