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Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, PA

Urban Partners, with Jackson/Clark Partners, was retained by Economic Development South to create a collaborative, multi-municipal development strategy for the Brownsville Road Corridor. Brownsville Road serves as a significant commuter route to Downtown Pittsburgh and has traditionally served as the primary neighborhood commercial district for the Borough of Brentwood and Pittsburgh’s Carrick neighborhood. Brownsville road is also one of the region’s longest commercial corridors – connecting City and key inner-ring suburbs and providing retail services within eight distinct clusters. Each of these commercial nodes has its
own character, business mix and customer base and EDS
sought to use these assets as the building blocks for
corridor-wide revitalization.

The strategy, developed by the Jackson/Clark and Urban
Partners team with significant community participation,
identifies corridor-wide initiatives as well as development
activities and supportive programmatic actions that address the unique issues of each commercial node. The strategy details opportunities for collaboration between City, County, municipal and civic resources and identifies how EDS can
leverage its development capacity within a highly competitive funding environment.

Community Presentation

Client: Economic Development South
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