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Augusta, GA

The Augusta Sustainable Development Agenda provides a coordinated planning outline to allocate scarce resources across the range of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes of Augusta/Richmond County. Urban Partners worked with a multi-faceted planning/development team to assess overall opportunities and appropriate policy frameworks for the sustainable development of the area. Urban Partners conducted a preliminary market assessment of the Augusta area to establish the general economic parameters for this analysis. This market assessment reviewed retail, residential, and various commercial uses.


Urban Partners also worked with the overall planning team to identify development programs and planning/strategy roles for a series of Strategic Action Corridors as priority development locations. Within these corridors, the team identified development approaches and eleven site specific projects for implementation. Urban Partners completed economic feasibility analyses for each of these eleven site-specific projects.


A major focus in this effort became the Augusta Way Priority Development District that runs from the downtown riverfront through the center of urban and suburban population centers to Rocky Creek. This District incorporates Downtown revitalization, neighborhood preservation, institutional expansion, and technology supportive elements. Urban Partners tracked the phasing of public and private investment necessary to stimulate a multi-year revitalization program within this priority development district.

Client: City of Augusta, GA
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