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Philadelphia, PA

Urban Partners completed an economic development strategy for the American Street Empowerment Zone. The strategy considered distinctions among different geographic areas of the Zone and identified appropriate retail, business service, commercial or industrial roles and development opportunities for each of the different areas.


Our work involved an examination of the types of business enterprises that have considered an American Street location and identified the deterrents preventing some from locating here; a skills level review of the American Street neighborhood’s workforce and an identification of initiatives necessary to expand the level of skills to that required by potential employers; a determination of the support needs of the Zone’s existing business base; an examination of potential development opportunities for institutions and businesses within or adjacent to the Zone; the completion of a retail market analysis of the area to identify potential retail expansion opportunities; and a review of the Zone’s physical conditions to determine the availability and accessibility of specific sites for development.


The strategy suggests a two-pronged results-oriented approach that involves components providing viable employment opportunities for area residents and components transforming the physical environment to more effectively increase business activity within the community.

Client: Philadelphia Empowerment Zone
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