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Hagerstown Community's City Center Plan Status Report

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Since completing the Community’s City Center Plan in 2014, the City of Hagerstown, MD and its partners have successfully carried out numerous priority activities and are moving forward with the implementation of longer term strategy elements. Significant programming enhancements have been made in downtown arts and events activities as well as at the Maryland Theater and efforts are underway to expand the operations of the popular downtown Farmers’ Market. Predevelopment work is advancing on a large office building following the selection of a preferred developer for this project. Funding was obtained and renovation activity of several upper-floor housing projects geared to USMH students has been completed. Most recently, the City has installed lighting, decorative crosswalks and wayfarer signage to the Hagerstown Cultural Trail – a walking trail connecting City Park and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts with the Downtown Arts and Entertainment District – and a trailside mural will be completed this spring.

More information about the implementation of Urban Partners’ plan can be found at

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