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Lancaster, PA

The historical name for the Study Area is Cabbage Hill, a name that traces its origins to the German immigrants who moved into the neighborhood in large numbers starting in the 1840’s. With St. Joseph’s Parish serving as the most influential religious and social connection for the predominantly German Catholic community, Cabbage Hill was a tightknit, working class community.


Today, the neighborhood is different demographically and economically. Currently, no single ethnic group represents a simple majority in the Study Area. This rich diversity is acknowledged and celebrated as a wonderful urban mosaic, but maintaining meaningful social connections among residents has become much more challenging compared to the experience of Cabbage Hill’s homogenous past.


The goal for the Southwest Lancaster Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy is to chart a course of action that will enable Southwest Lancaster—its residents and partners—to stem the tide of disinvestment and create a neighborhood that is safe, clean, attractive to economic investment, and welcoming to residents and visitors. This plan depicts a 10-year vision for the future of the neighborhood and implementation goals for the first five years. The Urban Partners team worked with Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership and neighborhood residents to identify/prioritize various revitalization strategies and provide cost estimates and a timetable for implementation.

SouthWest Lancaster

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