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Joplin, MO 

The City of Joplin, located along the historic Route 66 in southwest Missouri, is situated mostly within Jasper County but a small portion in Newton County. Though the zinc mining industry that fueled the City’s initial growth in the 19th century has dissipated, Joplin continues to serve as the center of economic activity in the region, accounting for more than half of all jobs in Jasper/Newton Counties.

As part of an effort to maintain a robust yet balanced housing market for the benefit of all its residents, the City of Joplin commissioned a Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis and retained Urban Partners as a consultant to undertake the study. The stated goals of the study are to provide City decision makers, stakeholders, developers, and community members with comprehensive and meaningful data to establish a baseline of existing housing stock for current and future residential needs in Joplin. Using this document, the City intends to guide new housing investments using a set of strategic funding and policy interventions.

Client: City of Joplin, MO
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