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Philadelphia, PA

Uban Partners recently participated on a team selected by the Hispanic Association of Contractors & Enterprises (HACE) to complete its 10-year neighborhood plan to the Fairhill neighborhood of North Philadelphia funded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. The plan was developed in close cooperation with a Steering Committee of
community stakeholders and through broad public input obtained through a series of open community meetings, focus groups and workshops held with area residents and business owners.

The plan provides a guide for future neighborhood development and identifies ways in which HACE can leverage necessary financial support to undertake desired neighborhood improvements. Additionally, the plan identifies opportunities for HACE to partner with existing community service providers to better connect residents with necessary services.

As part of this effort, Urban Partners examined Fairhill’s two
commercial corridors -- Front Street and the N. 5th Street “El
Centro de Oro”. Our analysis found that recent growth in the
eastern portion of the neighborhood has resulted in Front
Street emergence as the community’s primary convenience retail hub. We recommended that future recruitment efforts concentrate neighborhood-serving retailing along Front with more regional restaurant and entertainment development targeted to N. 5th Street. 

Client: Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises
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