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Cleveland, OH 

Downtown Cleveland, after many decades of population loss, is currently undergoing a major renaissance supported by a robust housing market. In 2018, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA)—in collaboration with Cleveland Development Advisors, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Enterprise Community Partners, the City of Cleveland, and Cuyahoga County—retained Urban Partners to complete a Comprehensive Housing Demand Analysis for Downtown Cleveland (comprised of the Flats, WarehouseDistrict, Gateway District, Playhouse Square, Nine-Twelve District, and Campus District) and the surrounding neighborhoods (including Detroit Shoreway, Ohio City, Tremont, Midtown, St. Clair Superior, and Central).

The results of this study, which will be completed in the Fall of 2018, will provide DCA and its public/private partners a meaningful sense of the housing market to formulate housing priorities and housing diversification strategies. The analysis should further provide future needs and demand, as well as a recommended housing type mix, such as rental/homeownership, condos, townhomes, agerestricted housing, income-restricted housing, student apartments, etc. ​

Client: Downtown Cleveland Alliance
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