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Philadelphia, PA

The intersection of Broad Street and Erie Avenue at
Germantown Avenue is a key transit hub and neighborhood
commercial district in North Philadelphia. Located just
north of Temple University’s Health Science Center, the area serves both residents and employees alike. A centerpiece of the district is the historic Beury Building, offering an excellent opportunity for mixed-use redevelopment that could help leverage revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood.

Urban Partners was retained as part of a consultant team to prepare a transit-oriented development plan for the Broad & Erie area. The goal was to develop revitalization strategies that would take advantage of the area’s location on the SEPTA’s Broad Street line. The firm’s key role was to evaluate the retail and housing markets as a foundation for suggested redevelopment and transportation

enhancements. The market analysis revealed various opportunities for business growth and new housing. Urban Partners also assisted with revitalization and implementation strategies. 

The completed Broad & Erie Transportation and Community Development Plan suggested reuse concepts for the Beury Building, including ground-floor retail and medical student housing; identified conceptual redevelopment projects on nearby underutilized sites that would complement the existing commercial mix, including new restaurants and a new library; explored physical improvements to the intersection, including a new pedestrian-only plaza; and provided specific recommendations to improve the area’s housing opportunities, including quantities and price points
for new housing both in the vicinity of Broad & Erie as well as outlying parts of the neighborhood.

Broad & Erie Transportation and Community Development Plan

Client: Philadelphia City Planning Commission
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